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  • BeX helped Babyshop manage 100 thousand orders on Black Friday

  • Skincity goes from garage to billion turnover with the help of Bex

  • A Days March is expanding digitally and physically with the help of Bex

  • Bex helps Chimi Eyewear expand internationally

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What is BeX ERP?

BeX® is a cloud based business or ERP system that supports the new era of sales in all channels, both digital as well as physical. This ERP and POS system enables you to connect web shops, stores, distributors and sellers everywhere in the world to handle sales, orders, stock, shipping and communication. The cloud ERP system gives you full control over products, pricing, campaigns, availability, logistics, incomes and profits in real-time. Coordinating the channels for sales to one single web-based platform gives you an omni channel that makes everything easier, regardless if it’s better inventory management, logistics flow or quicker and easier sales that you’re in need of. This ERP and Retail management system takes care of everything.

BeX® Online not only allows you to sell and work anywhere – you’ll only pay for what is used per month.

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