After several years of selling and working with traditional business systems (ERP) and realizing its limitations, the idea of ​​using new web technologies together with our experiences from business systems to create a modern platform for administering and posting trading business started to grow.

Some important criteria we set up were:

  • Cloud solution instead of “On premise”.
  • Standardization of functionality.
  • Simple and predictable rental cost.
  • Cross-border management of physical, digital and geographic data.
  • Coordination of basic data.
  • Open interface, Api, for seamlessly connection to external systems

The result was BeX® Online which was launched in 2011 together with our own BeX® POS. Cooperation was started with e-commerce partners in order to offer a complete Omni channel solution.

The target market was initially retail companies with digital ambitions and after a while also wholesale companies. The main focus was on offering companies an effective solution for administrating goods flow and customer benefit, which is critical for profitability and growth. Gradually, the goal was extended to offer a complete international business system for trading with a modern and standardized cloud service.

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