Contact our support to get in touch with experienced consults that can help you with questions and problems regarding our  BeX®  ERP and POS system. You can also order education through the point of sale support. The telephone support is for urgent matters that needs a quick solution. Other errands are referred to mail support where you’re asked to describe the situation and if there’s a problem. Please attach any error message and give concrete examples.

The standby jour support are for urgent problems outside office hours, at first hand for stores and general disruptions or malfunctions. General questions regarding our POS system as well as non-urgent problems are referred to the office support.

Developers problems and questions on api, database functions and other technical issues should be mailed to


Monday – friday: 9:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17.00

Jour for emergency operating problems
Businessdays:  8:00 – 20.30
Weekends: 10-19


+46 (0)8 556 183 91 (jour for emergecies)