BeX® Rest API makes it easier for developers and integrators

BeX® API provides the ability to manage most of the data available in BeX® Online. Data can be retrieved, created, changed and posted in the same way as you do in the interface. API keys are set up inside BeX Online’s administration menu, where authorization for the API key is also determined. The BeX API uses Basic Authentication for authentication. This means that a username and password are sent in the head of a call as authentication.

BeX Headless Api provides the ability to build a flexible front end e-commerce without double-storing data. All data for the e-commerce store can be found in BeX Distributed Headless Retail which is available in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. BeX Distributed Headless Retail consists of Microsoft Cosmos DB, Frontdoor and cashe for fast and secure access to data.

BeX® API consists of the following parts:

  • Certificate: Different types of vouchers are handled here, such as bonuses, gift cards, credit receipts and down payments. Vouchers can be collected, checked and reserved.
  • Comment: Different types of comments for customers, articles, orders, etc. are handled.
  • Customer: Retrieves, updates and creates customers.
  • Invoicing: Retrieves posted invoices and credit notes.
  • Order: Orders and payments can be created, canceled, and delivered. Deliveries can be retrieved with tracking.
  • Orderfullfillment: This is for external warehousing systems to be able to retrieve, lock, update and deliver orders.
  • Product: Creates, updates and retrieves products, product groups, prices and other product data.
  • Purchase: Retrieves, creates and updates purchase orders.
  • Purchase Return: Retrieves, creates and updates purchase returns.
  • SalesReport: Retrieves sales statistics for customers and stores.
  • SalesReturn: Retrieves, creates, updates and posts sales returns and creates exchange orders and makes refunds.
  • ShipmentParcel: Retrieves, creates and updates packages and prints package slips.
  • ShopGoCampaign: Retrieving current promotions.
  • ShopGoX: Used to create e-commerce and POS solutions with CMS without double storage.

Method descriptions and test possibilities can be found in our API-documentation

The BeX Headless Api consists of the following parts:

  • Cart: This is where the shopping cart is created, downloaded, modified and completed.
  • External system: This is where data is retrieved and checked in an external system, e.g. vouchers.
  • Product: Retrieves and manages product data and campaigns.
  • Stock: Retrieves and manages available inventory.
  • Webhook: Transfer data to another system/database, e.g. orders and customer data to BeX Online.

Method descriptions and testing options can be found in BeX Headless API documentation

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