What is ”Omni-channel Retailing” and ”Unified Commerce”?

“Omni-channel” customers will use all channels simultaneously and independently of each other. Retailers using an “omni-channel” approach will reach customers in all channels, rather than just one or two. Using “omni-channel retailing” for your customers allows all sales channels to use the same database containing products, prices, campaigns etc. “Omni-channel retailers” let the customers experience the brand, not a sales channel for the brand. Sales and promotions are not specific to each sales channel but equal for all channels. “Omni-channel retailing” makes sales more efficient and coordinated. “Unified Commerce” takes you one step further, with all data available in real time.

BeX® Online with BeX® Retail supports sales via all channels from an omni-channel perspective. All information is collected in BeX® Online and can be used by all sales channels, whether physical or digital, own stores, franchise stores, temporary mobile stores, web stores, e-commerce sites, etc. Information about your customers and their buying behavior is coordinated and used for targeted offers and campaigns. Customer clubs, loyalty programs and voucher management for gift cards, credit receipts, bonuses and the like can be gathered and used in all channels. BeX® keeps track of purchases, point balances, bonuses, validity, campaigns etc., all in real time. Debt balances and settlements between profit centers and legal entities are recorded and managed automatically. Customers can shop digitally from their mobiles and in the physical store using bar code scanning. In-store staff can help by processing the shopping cart and completing the purchase if the customer prefers not to complete it from their own mobile (Shop & Go).

Using an advanced logistics and ordering process, different warehouses, store warehouses, supplier warehouses, etc. can sell through all channels. BeX® checks all incoming orders, where they can be collected, and distributes them to those warehouses where they can be collected, restocked, picked up of sent from. BeX® can create restocking orders, drop shipments and automatic settlements between warehouses and legal entities.

BeX® allows customers to buy, receive, return and exchange their goods in their preferred channels. For example, they can make their purchase online, change the product in a physical store and use the credit receipt towards their next online purchase. BeX® keeps track of the price that was paid and how much is left on the customer’s credit receipt, gift card or bonus balance.

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